Lisp Blosxom is a port of the excellent Blosxom blogging engine to ANSI Common Lisp, undertaken both to learn more about that language but also to improve on my current installation.


21 December 2007
Ummm…whoops. Real life intruded big time, and I never got around to creating a calendar plugin. I'm working on it now, I swear!
Also, I realised that my approach was fundamentally broken. I'm still trying to get it right.
15 November 2006
CVS lisp-blosxom is now beta-quality. Testing will continue along with development of the calendar plugin. With luck, I may release by the end of the year.
15 September 2006
CVS lisp-blosxom is now faster than Perl blosxom. I will be releasing version 1.0 once the calendar plugin is working properly.
2 September 2006
After a long hiatus work has resumed. The former approach was a dead-end; this will start as almost a verbatim translation of Perl blosxom into Common Lisp.
20 December 2005
Made a slight performance improvement in the reading of articles.
4 December 2005
Users no longer need register templates by hand; instead, they are registered as needed. This greatly simplifies use.
30 November 2005
Added a properly working ASDF system definition; this means that it will be much easier to get lisp-blosxom up and running, and to add features in the future.

What Is It?

It’s a filesystem-based blogging engine. That is, blog entries are just flat files on disk (although plugins can be written which can extend or replace this behaviour—it’s quite possible for a Lisp Blosxom blog to store its entries in a database and create them from a web form; it’s just a Simple Matter of Programming). The first line in the file is the title; the remainder is the text of the body. Entry dates are taken directly from the filesystem’s modification date for each entry; further, the structure of the blog is taken directly from the hierarchy of directories and files on disk.

How Usable is It?

Right now, not very, unless you’ve some Lisp skills. The actual meat of the engine is written: it’s able to display the top-level blog index page. The engine does work with Portable AllegroServe; in time it'd be nice to support araneida and maybe others.

Note that there are some nasty bugs if one tries to retrieve any other pages.

Where Can I Get It?

Very ugly, embarassing, pre-alpha code is available from the project CVS respository. Do not expose to open flame; use only in a well-ventilated space and do not display in mixed company.

Over time it’s hoped that the code will become…less bad.

How Can I Support Lisp-Blosxom?

Well, most importantly, write some code! Nothing improves software like improvement. If you’re not a programmer, though, you can support the project by donating some cash:

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My thanks to:

Without their excellent contributions Lisp Blosxom would be an impossibility.